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have you ever seen a miniature horse moonwalk?

i decided today that i officially dislike anyone who is an ice cream man or has a vehicle that plays that music. that music is the theme song of my nightmares. we got our ugly brown yearbooks on thursday. they are ugly and brown. :) so far the most exciting thing that anyone has written to me is that my "mitochondria are well tuned" which i guess is a compliment. that one obviously came from my biology teacher. i forgot what mitochondria were so i had to ask someone and i guess its the part of the cell that makes energy so he thinks im energetic. today i saw the coolest show on the spanish channel. it was all these itty bitty ponies running around and marching and doing little tricks. the best part was when michael jackson music came on though and it started moonwalking. itty bitty ponies are great. 7 days of school left and 11 till i see Binney!!!
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