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sexing a pig

the biology test wasnt as "delectable" as mr barber said it would be but it wasnt too bad. i studied a lot and went to the fetal pig site ashley sent me that also teaches you how to "sex a pig." got me kind of excited actually.... ;) tomorrow i just have an essay in english then im done with finals and i dont have to learn anymore! then theres the homework for history and enlgish over the summer that sucks cock. today i went to return one of my books to mrs locey and lindsey came with me and she was telling locey about how her sister said "caluclus kicked her ass" it was so funny. lindsey said ass in front of mrs locey, like the one teacher at our school you dont swear in front of. then we left the room and i go "lindsey i cant believe you said ass in front of locey" then locey walks out of her room and lindsey says ass again. she wants me to hang out with her on the last day of school with like 3 other girls that i cant stand. it'll be like a book club meeting or something. i just might have to kill myself. 7 more days!!!
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