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who's hans?

who got an A on the biology test? HALEY DID! who got an A on the geometry test? HALEY DID! A's on both the finals i took on wednesday. im so proud of myself! im hoping that maybe i'll get straight A's semester but i dont know. ashley, amy, and i had david wu sign our yearbooks today. he put the same thing in both of theirs and amy goes "david you wrote the same thing!" and hes like "what you expect me to come up with different things for every person?" but he wrote something different in mine. i was mad though cause he didnt write hans in mine, and he wrote it in ashley's. she was like "who's hans?" lol it means have a nice summer. then at lunch i pushed her around on the tv stand that has wheels and posed for her while she drew pics of me. today was fun. only 1 and a half days of school left but i dont know if im going on tuesday. molly met paul abbot, its not fair!! i wanna sell baked potatoes at the rainiers games!! oh well. 4 days till i leave for ny!!!! yay!
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