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new york....

New York was great. 6 days wasnt long enough though. the night we got there i got to go to Ben's game, i was so happy cause ive wanted to see him play for so long and i finally got to! He played great of course cause hes my superstar. the next day was the day of the dance and in the morning we went to his work to get his paycheck and to the bank and stuff. it was so nice to be able to do normal couple stuff for once. the dance was fun too, i didnt know anyone so that was kinda weird but i still had a great time! it was sweet cause the first slow song they played was here's to the night :) then the next day we went to his school and returned his tux and went swimming. that night we helped get ready for his party and hung out with our moms who had a little too much wine and that wouldnt be the first time.) the next day was graduation and we went to some parties. Ben was talking to his friends brother who is mentally retarded and this kid goes "are you ticklish" and pokes me between my arm and my boob. it scared the shit out of me but it was funny. the next day was his grad party and that was fun too, so was going in the pool and the hot tub after :) on monday we went to cooperstown and the baseball hall of fame. it was cool cause that was something we had talked about doing since before we even met. then i had to leave on tuesday :'( its so hard to walk away from him. i had sooooooooooo much fun! i cant wait till august when i can be with him for a long time! I love you Binney!
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